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Why moving to San Diego, CA is a great idea

Famous for its iconic coves, picture-perfect beaches, and sunny disposition, San Diego is a true California destination city.

But there’s more to “America’s Finest City” than just riding the waves and baking on the beach. With a world-class craft beer scene, scenic farms, and some of the finest homes for sale, San Diego, CA has many faces. There’s little wonder that it appeals to such a large and diverse demographic.

Whether you are partial to a beach, suburban, or urban environment, San Diego has it all. 

The finest beach communities

With its exquisite location along the Pacific Coast, San Diego has more than 70 miles of pristine white sand that sun worshippers will love. The most famous of its beaches include:

  • Coronado Municipal Beach – This sandy beach is split into four areas: Centennial Park, Coronado City Beach, Glorietta Bay Park, and Tidelands Park. Its most famous landmark is the historic Hotel Del Coronado.  

  • La Jolla Cove – Tucked away in San Diego’s scenic sandstone cliffs, this gem has clear bluish-green waters where scuba divers and snorkelers can spot sea lions and Garibaldi, California’s official state marine fish.

  • La Jolla Shores – Gentle waves makes this beach spot ideal for amateur surfers or young swimmers who want to test the waters. Boating enthusiasts will also enjoy it here. 

  • Pacific Beach – This sandy, two-mile stretch known as “The Strand” boasts of world-class surfing, excellent dining, and an exciting nightlife scene. 

Inviting suburban escapes

Those who crave the homey atmosphere of the suburbs will find it in sunny San Diego. Residents consider the city largely suburban as it isn’t as densely populated as other major urban areas in the United States. 

For decades, residents insisted on keeping buildings no taller than 30 feet to preserve the modest and laid-back character of San Diego neighborhoods. The city’s growth is largely due to sprawling, or annexing swaths of land from the San Pasqual Valley. 

So yes, while San Diego is California’s second largest city, you can enjoy a greater amount of space, peace, and privacy here than in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. The areas surrounding San Diego are also dotted with small towns and rural communities with good schools, excellent housing options, and well-maintained parks. 

Moving toward a more urban character?

In the long term, the city may take on a more urban character as the local government debates relaxing restrictions on building height. This is especially relevant in areas near transit stops. The city will also stop requiring developers from building parking lots so that the land can be used for housing. If approved and implemented, these changes will help keep housing costs affordable. 

Either way, you’ll find no shortage of big city conveniences in San Diego, from state-of-the-art hospitals like UC San Diego Health, to trendy hangout spots like FLUXX and Side Bar. 

Find your place in the sun 

Now that you know the lifestyle you want, all you have to do is find a neighborhood to match it. Each San Diego neighborhood has its own flair and personality, from the bohemian vibe of Encinitas to the upscale feel of Mission Hills. 

Take a look at some of the most well-known San Diego neighborhoods:

  • Carlsbad – Located 35 miles north of downtown, this pedestrian-friendly community has a burgeoning food and beverage scene. Popular with families and surfers, it is lauded for its excellent schools and fantastic beaches. 

  • Little Italy – This hip downtown neighborhood started out as a sleepy fishing village. Today, it is known for its shops, restaurants, farmers market, and cultural festivals like the Sicilian Festival and Artwalk. 

  • North Park – This downtown neighborhood is as trendy as it gets. Walk around and you will find a thriving craft beer scene, acclaimed art galleries, and a variety of local indie stores. 

San Diego’s neighborhoods offer a varied selection of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos. They often come in Craftsman, Mediterranean, and Ranch-style architecture. 

Top tips to help you relocate to San Diego

Move in the winter. Summertime is the peak season for tourism and house hunting, so avoid the competition and buy a San Diego home in winter.  

Check for parking space. If your new home doesn’t have a garage, it helps to inquire about street parking. You can’t park in a public street for longer than 72 hours, and parking isn’t allowed in alleys unless they are designated for parking.

Get a Compass Card. This public transport pass makes it easy to get a ride on buses and trolleys of San Diego’s robust Metropolitan Transit System.  

Moving to San Diego? Let me, Lisa Betz, help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Call me at 858.705.8844 or email LBetz(at)BHHSCal(dotted)com today.